Make a budget plan for a mobile application development project
and anticipate the product's
start-up result with Vladimir Chernyi

I will personally analyse the project, provide you with the estimated cost, suggest improvements, and help you with financing
Project idea evaluation and its improvements
Profit forecast and product strategy development
Hiring a team of programmers and UX/UI designers
Product implementation strategy in 2 weeks
My name is Vladimir Chernyi

I am a mentor and expert in IT startups. I am a mentor and expert in IT startups. I guarantee that the implementation of any project will be faster, more efficient, and more profitable with my assistance.

I will get deep into an idea or problem.
I will offer solutions based on my professional experience, as well as the latest trends in IT.
I will help you to avoid investment losses, and to save thousands.
I will create one or more prototypes of a future application or service.
I will recommend relevant specialists and experts for the project.
I will find start-up investors.

Efficiency in Clarity: Evaluating an idea, auditing an application, and predicting sucess.

As a result of your cooperation with me, you will have tasks completed, and you will understand which direction to go.

Expert evaluation of the idea and permanent consulting support.
Step-by-step action plan and confidence in solutions.
Time-saving in the planning process, and brainstorming the project with developers.
Risk management and loss-prevention process.
MVP development.
Independent opinion on project developers or company specialists.
Audit of a working product.
Detailed calculation of investments during all development stages.
Fast reaction to poor decisions.
Attracting investors or proven specialists to the project.
Realistic success prediction in the market.
Framework for application development aimed at a stable profit.

8 situations,
in witch I will be useful.

Create an application or service, but don't know where to start

Thanks to extensive experience and skills, I work with projects of various sizes, regardless of the industry. I will provide the following assistance if you want to:

Evaluate the perspective of the idea

Develop an idea from scratch or improve an existing project

Find an investor for a start-up

Calculate the project implementation cost

Involve experienced professionals in the project

Estimate real terms of implementation

Get a second opinion on the work of another team or product

I have knowledge and skills in 3 business areas.

I will work with you in person - my expertise is enough to replace a whole team of specialists at the first stage.

Software architect

I have been working in the IT business for many years, and I know this specific scope in detail.
I develop complex software solutions- both web and mobile.
I develop technical specifications for products - I will make an action plan for the project starting from the idea to the final implementation. (IEEE)
My recommendations are always realistic and practice-oriented.

Marketing expert

My professional skills allow for me to create working products as well as to provide successful delivery to the market.
I know how to properly present a service or application to users.
I stay up-to-date with the latest design trends.
I will help with the promotion of the product, and warm-up the audience before the release.
From the first consultation, we will look at the project from the position of demand and sales - and this is one of the secrets of success.


7 years ago, I founded my own IT company Appomart - I assembled a team of specialists and led the development of 70 successful projects.
I provide realistic budget calculations, even before the start of development.
I am a strategic thinker, my mistake-prevention approach will surely save money.
I see web and mobile apps profit oriented thanks to my business background
This approach ensures that, with my help, you will get not-only a working, but also a profitable, solution.
I track all development stages.
7 years ago,
I created Appomart and assembled a team of specialists,
to develop web services and mobile applications.

We offer full-cycle development - from concept to product publication.
We help start-ups to find investors.
For some tasks, we involve freelance experts to create a truly high-quality solution.
We work worldwide - e.g. we help clients from Europe and the USA.
We have already implemented more than 70 projects in various fields, and this is not the limit.
Владимир Черный
Founder Appomart, Vladimir Chernyi

Discuss the prospects of your idea with an IT-expert

Let's look at your project from a technical, marketing, and financial point of view.

Strict project stages with reporting on each of the 7 steps.
Initial consultation.
We discuss tasks, exchange ideas and opinions, share advice, and provide the first recommendations.
First solutions.
I think about the prospects, and develop several options for action.
Repeated consultation.
We meet and discuss developments, and choose the main strategy by which we will move forward.
Wire-framing future app
I create the first few models of the future product.
The Appomart team, or other specialists upon your choice, start implementing the project.

Preparation of the final technical task.
We draw-up a detailed technical task (project brief) in accordance with IEEE - an application will be created on it in the future.
I present to you the prototypes, discuss, and come to the final decision on what direction the project will develop.

We will sign the NDA, will be in touch 24/7, together we will achieve you app release.

A complex approach.
I look at the project from multiple sides, so I can anticipate possible errors which may affect the success of the application.
Complete privacy.
I agree to sign the NDA and guarantee that third parties will not learn about your ideas.
High standards.
I develop the final technical task according to generally-accepted norms and requirements, so in the future, the project is easier to implement without wasting time.
Help in development.
If required, I will help you to reach investors for your start-up and to get funding.
Flexible team.
I will help to attract experienced or narrow specialists to your project, which are difficult to get on your own.
Always in touch.
At all stages of cooperation, I quickly respond to messages and take into account your wishes for the meeting schedule - it will be convenient to work with me.

We've already launched 70+ projects in various fields, and this is not the limit.

Спокойствие и здоровый сон с RE.ТРИ
Fujo -
ordering personal security services


Management interface

Web application for booking

Shocas - краудсорсинговый сервис доставки в Германии
Shocas - Crowdsourcing delivery in Germany
Android application

iOS application


Management interface

Landing page

Integration with third-party services
Vtorservice - Информационный портал оборота вторичного сырья.
App for iOS and Android

Web application and lending

Concept, design, content, logo
GOBALKANS.ME - relocation tracker
Geoprime - Сервис для интеграции с тахеометрами геодезистов
MotherFit -
workouts for pregnant women

iOS application


Administrative Interface
Babytracker - детский трекер активности
Toolly Serbia - B2C outsourcing platform and Service Ordering App
App for iOS and Android

Backend and administrative panel

Management Console

Web application


Concept, design, content
3 starting points for your choice: your resourcesresults on me
Reach my anyway if you feel your request is special, I will surely try to find a suitable solution for you.
Expert advice
Project concept
Contact me
Turnkey development
I will be leading the development of your Startup till release and on.
Wireframing in Figma, written requirements, detailed roadmap, and estimates. Full vision and design concept
Will help you establish key points% where to start, what technology to choose, approx. estimates
In 1-2 days, you send me questions or requests by messenger or mail.
I analyze the project and answer your questions within 1 hour in Zoom.
I develop a project idea from scratch, or adapt the existing one in reference to a provided technical task.
We communicate in Zoom, instant messengers, or in another, convenient way.
I take full responsibility for the project development of myself and my team.
We realize the project from idea to launch.
We work until the result is delivered.
The cost is calculated individually.
I am open for the dialog and ready to assist you with your IT-project. Please look at my FAQ section.
— key to success.
I will apply all of my experience in IT, marketing and business to achieve your goals.
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